Terms and Conditions of Use

distibutorswanted.eu is a trade name of Oostgroen B.V.

1. Welcome to distibutorswanted.eu!

Welcome to www.distibutorswanted.eu and thank you very much for your visit.

These terms of use (the " Termsof Use") apply as of 1 September 2017 to any use of the website distibutorswanted.eu (both via your computer and via mobile devices or any other software application), to all services offered by Distributorswanted.eu and to all agreements that Distributorswanted.eu enters into for the use of the Website and services.

By visiting our Website you agree to these Terms of Use. Distributorswanted.eu recommends that anyone who uses the WebsiteGebruikeror any of these services (a "User") read these Terms of Use in advance. Distributorswanted.eu can change these Terms of Use from time to time. We recommend that you read them regularly.

2. Protecting your privacy

Our Privacy Policy  explains how we handle your personal information and how we protect your privacy when you use our Website.

3. Unauthorised use of the Website

The content of the Website may not be copied, reproduced and/or made public by the User subject to RSS feeds for personal use and/or news stories up to a maximum number of 100 company pages or 100 hyperlinks to company pages. For example, this refers to use in personal web blogs or other personal websites. The User is not allowed to change the content of the Website, unlike described in these Terms of Use.

The User is not permitted to collect personal data of Users who post a business page on the Website ("Company") (including email addresses and phone numbers) and/or approach Business for the provision of their own products and/or services.

The database of company pages contains the database law of Distributorswanted.eu. This means, among other things, that the User is not allowed to request and reuse a substantial part of the content of the company page database and/or non-substantial parts of the content of the company page database repeated and systematically within the meaning of the Database Act, unless the above exception for personal use and/or news reports is met. Also, the User is not allowed to display hyperlinks to company pages on another website, unless prior written consent from Distributorswanted.eu has been obtained, or unless the above mentioned exception for personal use and/or news reports has been met.

Unless Distributorswanted.eu has given permission (for example, in the case of API partners), it is not allowed to post company pages on the Website via an automated system, or in any other way than via the 'Place company page' button.

It is not permitted to post company pages on behalf of or on behalf of third parties, unless Distributorswanted.eu has given permission (for example, in the case of API partners).

4. Misuse of the Website and its consequences

To report illegal and infringing company pages, abusive content and other issues, we ask you to report this to us, so together we can ensure that the site remains as clean and secure as possible. Complaints about scams can be reported via our Contact Form.  

If we receive instructions and/or complaints from other users or believe for other reasons that a particular User does not act in accordance with the law and/or the Terms of Use and/or the Privacy Policy, then, if we see reason to do so, we may take the following measures for security reasons and to protect our users. Distributorswanted.eu may also take these measures if you unreasonably use the Website, for example if your use hinders other users or interferes with the proper functioning of the Website:

a. Distributorswanted.eu may exclude the relevant User from the services of Distributorswanted.eu or limit certain functionalities for this User. For example, you can think of suspending the user's account, restricting the posting of company pages or comments; and/ofb. Distributorswanted.eu can delete one or more company pages from the User without refunds of the amount paid by User.

For examples of violations of terms of use, see Rules for placing company pages

Distributorswanted.eu may process the personal data of the data subject in the context of the above measures. If this is the reason for this, Distributorswanted.eu can pass on the personal data of the persons concerned within the limits of the law, for example to the police. How this works is further described in our Privacy Policy.  

5. We do not give guarantees

We cannot guarantee that our services will always meet your expectations. We also cannot guarantee that the Website functions flawlessly and/or that continuous and/or secure access to the Website or parts thereof can be obtained.

All information and numbers on the Website are subject to spelling or typos.

6. Limitation liability Distributorswanted.eu

To the extent permitted by law, we exclude liability for any damage suffered by a User

(i) use of b2b wanted ;( (ii) the failure or not to be safely available from the Website or parts thereof;(iii) incorrect information on the Website;(iv) purchase of third-party services; or(v) changes to the services of Distributorswanted.eu or changes to or on the Website.

If, for whatever reason, we are liable, then our liability is limited to a maximum of a) the total compensation paid by the User to Distributorswanted.eu during the 6 months preceding the act through which the liability arose, or (b) € 720, depending on what is higher.

7. Changes to services and the Website

Distributorswanted.eu may change the Website or parts thereof at all times. We may also change or terminate our services at all times. We will endeavour to announce such a change or termination within a reasonable period of time before it is implemented.

8. Websites and services of third parties

The Website contains references to third-party websites (e.g. by means of a hyperlink or banner). Distributorswanted.eu has no control or influence over the content of these websites. On these websites the (privacy) rules of that website apply. If you have questions about these rules of third-party websites, we would like to refer you to their respective websites. This also applies to the use of the services of third-party service providers, such as third-party payment services. The use of these services will then be covered by the (privacy) rules of the relevant service provider.

9. Complaints scheme

Complaints about the service of Distributorswanted.eu can be submitted by means of the contact form.  Complaints must be made within a competent time after you have noticed a lack of service, with a period of 2 months in any case timely. Complaints should be submitted in full and clearly defined. We will endeavour to respond within 14 days of the complaint being filed. If this is not possible, we will give you an indication of the time limit of reply within 14 days of filing the complaint.

12. Other provisions

Distributorswanted.eu B.V. is located at Beatrixpark 22, 7101 BN in Winterswijk. Distributorswanted.eu has telephone number 0543-216410, VAT number NL 8223 96877 B01 and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under 09221320.Distributorswanted.eu may change the Terms of Use or parts thereof at any time. Distributorswanted.eu will endeavour to announce such a change within a reasonable period of time before entry into force. The changes shall take effect within a reasonable period of time after they have been announced, or after you have re-used the Distributorswanted.eu website and/or services following the change, depending on what happens earlier.

If we do not enforce a provision in the Terms of Use, it does not mean that we waive the right to enforce it at a later date or against another User. Agreements that differ from what is specified in the Terms of Use are only valid if they have been confirmed in writing by Distributorswanted.eu If one or more provisions of the Conditions of Use are invalidated by a competent court, this shall be without prejudice to the other provisions of the Conditions of Use.

Notifications to Distributorswanted.eu (other than in terms of infringing or otherwise unlawful company pages) may be addressed to Distributorswanted.eu. Notifications to Users will be sent to the specified e-mail address, or by registered mail in case there is cause and an address is available. Notifications made by registered mail will be deemed to have been received 5 (five) working days after the date of dispatch.

These Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between Distributorswanted.eu and you and replace all previous agreements. The agreements that follow from all the services of Distributorswanted.eu and the Terms of Use are governed by Dutch law.

II Rules for placing business pages

1. Distributorswanted.eu is a business page platform

Distributorswanted.eu is a platform where a Business Page siteer can place a business page and a User can view this business page.

Distributorswanted.eu is not a party to the agreement that comes about between a Business Page-placeer and a User. Company page siteers and Users must resolve disputes themselves.

2. General rules for placing a business page on the Website

2.1 company pages placed on the Website by a Business Page site must comply with the general rules below.2.2 The creation of a business page:a.Titles and texts of company pages may be prepared only in Dutch or English.2.3 company page content that is not allowed:a. The title and text of the business page may not be misleading, inaccurate or incorrect. The title and text should describe the company/products correctly and clearly.b. In any event, a company page must not contain discriminatory, pornographic, abusive or and threatening or inflammatory content. Also, the content may not contain political messages and personal data of third parties or are contrary to public order or morals.2.4 Illegal or unlawful products or servicesIt is not permitted to offer products that are illegal or unlawful or prohibited from trading. It is also not permitted to offer services whose execution is illegal or unlawful.

Both Business Page siteer and User should always pay close attention when offering and responding to company pages. Company page-siteers and Users are supposed to know the laws and regulations in the field of the relevant product or service themselves. We recommend that you seek further information or advice if in doubt, for example on the website of the relevant supervisor.

2.5 No infringement of third-party intellectual property rights. It is not permitted to include a product in a company page that infringes third-party intellectual property rights. This means, among other things, that it is not allowed to offer a product that

(i) infringes on the copyright of another party, such as copyright to software or music, or to a painting or photograph taken by another party, without the consent of that other party;(ii) infringes the trademark law of another party, such as a garment with a logo of that other party placed without permission; or(iii) infringes on the model duty of another party, such as a bag counterfeited without the consent of that other party.b. In the title and text of the business page, only the brand name of the product offered or requested in the business page may be used.

c. In the title or text of the business page, only the trade name of the undertaking from which the product or service in question originates may be used. The naming of trade names belonging to products or services not offered in the company page is not permitted.

d. It is not permitted to include a disclaimer in the company page regarding the authenticity of the product offered in the company page. Company must ensure that their products are genuine and can be traded, before offering them on Distributorswanted.eu.

3. Placing a business page

3.1. My Distributorswanted.euA Business Page site era places his business page via the 'place company page' button on the Website. Before a Company can set up a business page, it must first log in. When creating a user account, you are not allowed to choose a name that contains a [url] or part of a [url].

It is not allowed to provide your login details to third parties. It is not allowed to use third-party login credentials to place company pages.

3.2. Establishment company page agreement between Distributorswanted.eu and Bedrijfspagina-plaatsera.De agreement starts at the time you have checked and confirmed the data entered. Distributorswanted.eu stores all data from each business page agreement for 14 days after the company page was deleted. After that, we will retain the company page agreement information as described in our
Privacy Policy. By means of the  contact form,  the Company can request this information within 14 days, indicating the email address with which the business page was placed and quoting the company page number.

4. We do not give guarantees

4.1. Business page siteers and Users should carry out sufficient research themselves and be adequately informed before posting a business page on the Website. We do not check the quality of the company page content, the safety or legality of the advertised products or services, the accuracy of the offers, the power of Business to sell products or offer services and/or users' power to purchase products or purchase the services. Distributorswanted.eu does not guarantee this.

4.2. Distributorswanted.eu also cannot guarantee that the products or services offered by Bedrijfs on the Website meet your expectations.

5. Safeguard service company pages and limitation liability Distributorswanted.eu

5.1. Each User shall exempt Distributorswanted.eu from claims made by third parties in relation to claims suffered by;

(i) entering into an agreement on the basis of a business page, (ii) the use of products purchased through the Website; and (iii) the use of services offered through the Website; and (iv) the (alleged) infringing and/or otherwise unlawful nature of the (content of the) company page and/or the product supplied.

5.2. The conditions for the limitation of the liability of Distributorswanted.eu are set out in Chapter I, Article 6.

6. Changes

6.1. Distributorswanted.eu may change the Website or parts thereof, including subscription duration, renewal options, group layout and headings, layout of the Website and search options, at all times and at its discretion. We will endeavour to announce such an amendment within a reasonable period of time before it is implemented.

6.2. Distributorswanted.eu may change the prices of the company pages paid at any time. If a price increase exceeds the CBS consumer price index during the term of a business page agreement, the Company has the right to terminate this business page agreement.

7. The company page may also be published elsewhere

7.1. Distributorswanted.eu may use the company page and its content for its own publicity purposes. This means, among other things, that a company page or part of it can be shown by us through other distribution channels, such as on websites that are part of B2B Wanted BV, third-party websites, in print media or on television.

7.2. By placing a business page, you automatically provide Distributorswanted.eu with a free, global, irrevocable, sub-licenseable and transferable license to use, multiply, distribute and disclose the company page and/or (parts of) its content (and allow third parties to use and reproduce) for marketing, promotion and/or advertising purposes. You guarantee that you are authorized to issue this license.

7.3. For publicity purposes, we may provide third parties with access to a company page to enable them to promote these and other business pages on third-party websites, via e-mail and through other channels. These promotions may contain (parts of) the business page.

7.4. The formatting of company pages can be changed in such a way that the company pages are accessible from mobile devices or other third-party software applications.

7.5. The Website contains references (e.g. by means of a hyperlink or banner) to third-party websites. These references can also be placed in or next to a company page. Distributorswanted.eu has no control or influence over the content and policies of these websites. On these websites the (privacy) rules of that website apply.

12. Payments

12.1. The obligation to pay the price shall apply from the time the company page is placed. If the payment is not paid or not paid in time, Distributorswanted.eu is entitled to delete the company page placed and still charge the amount due.

12.2. If payment is not paid in good time, Distributorswanted.eu is also entitled to charge statutory trade interest. Where the company in question fails to pay the full amount due after noting, Distributorswanted.eu is entitled to call in a collection agency and to block the services of Distributorswanted.eu for the company in question. The legal and out-of-court costs of the debt collection will be borne by the Company.

12.3. Distributorswanted.eu can change (parts of) the Website and services at all times. We can also stop our services. We will endeavour to announce such a change or cessation within a reasonable period of time before it is implemented.

12.4. Sales taxDistributorswanted.eu charges 21% Dutch sales tax to pay for all Distributorswanted.eu services, unless otherwise stated on the Website. An electronic invoice can be obtained by any user by indicating in his 'My Distributorswanted.eu' account that a monthly invoice is required by e-mail. Any User who declares in their 'My Distributorswanted.eu' account that they want to receive a monthly invoice by email explicitly agrees to electronic billing. The monthly invoice covers all payments made online through our Website, during the month leading up to the invoice date.